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askwhich1 is a new social polling app that lets you find out exactly what people think! Whatever your question, whether it’s big or small, get votes from friends and users from all around the world.

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"askwhich1 is exactly what our business has been lacking."


askwhich1 is a new decision making app. It helps people and organisations make decisions by giving instant access to the opinions of friends or the universe.

It also gives you, the user, the chance to influence the decisions your friends or strangers make. Whether it is which outfit to wear or the best pub in town, askwhich1 can help make that decision for you.


For businesses it can take the hard work out of guessing what your customers want. Do they prefer late opening hours on a Thursday or a Friday?


For organisations it can save thousands on market research as askwhich1 will be doing your polling for you. Cost effective, fast and efficient.

You create your own polls and get the answers in the timescale you require. One hour, one day, one week. You decide.